The man behind the brand “TreyHeart” is Tykevius McDowell (Ty), a self taught Contemporary Artist based out of Gastonia, North Carolina. “Ive been drawing and painting since I was young  (about 5 yrs old) but only recently have I made the decision to explore and study my craft pursuing it wholeheartedly.
 The work he creates tells a story and often gives a message within them. “My process when creating is unorthodox and almost non intentional with every piece in the beginning, but halfway through God shows me an image and to the best of my ability I try to execute the meaning behind that particular image so that it connects with the individual(s) its meant for”. Im a creator at heart so every time I approach a canvas  my intentions are to present something new at the end that is educational, balanced, truth and encouraging. Many things influence my thought process that push me to different heights so im challenged to explore different mediums and concepts so that the message gets through.


My art is centered around individual stories that make up our collective humanity, and is inspired by memory, divinity, human ingenuity, and our lived experiences of both joy and suffering. It is through my everyday roles as a father, husband, teacher, brother, friend, and observer that inspire my creative practice, which is never fully planned and illuminates the transient nature of living. The process of my creation is organic, evolving, and often divinely inspired, resulting in an honoring of both the past and the present, and presents an opportunity to establish common ground between me, the viewer, and the work itself. 



If you are interested in commissioning a piece please email me at for details!